Barnett 78610 Recruit Review

The Barnett 78610 Recruit is a perfect size for small-framed hunters. It is one of the easiest crossbows to handle and can be handled by both genders comfortably. It also has an adjustable butt stock that gives the users the opportunity to make any adjustments that may be needed. It is a perfect crossbow that you can use to introduce a new shooter to the hunting process. It fits any size of Archer regardless of their size because of the adjustable butt stock.

Barnett 78610 Recruit

The 78610 has different features that make the crossbow unique. It has a metal injection molded trigger that delivers a smooth trigger pull. There are also other features that are listed and explained below.

Features of the Barnett 78610 Recruit

  • Anti-Dry Fire Trigger System. The system is mounted to prevent damage to the crossbow. You must have an arrow put into the system for you to shoot. This trigger system also makes the crossbow safe to use for the beginners.
  • Metal Injection Molded trigger (MIM). The trigger system delivers an ultra-smooth trigger pull. That is why beginners find it easy to use the system because you shoot comfortably because of the presence of the metal injection molded trigger.
  • Picatinny Rail. With the Picatinny rail, you can add the accessories that are not included in the crossbow. Some of the accessories include an anti-vibration foot stirrup, cable system and crosswire string for quiet and smooth shots. The addition of the accessories also makes it comfortable to use.

Advantages of the Barnett 78610 Recruit

  • Perfect for Small Frames. The Barnett Recruit is easy to handle, making it perfect for females. This is because it is perfect for persons with small frames. However, you have to note that the crossbow has enough speed to hunt. It has 80lbs of energy, and a 130lb draw weight.
  • Perfect for all Game Types. Just because the Barnett Recruit is good for small-framed hunters does not mean it can only hunt small game. The crossbow can be used to hunt any size game.
  • Easy to Assemble. Assembling this crossbow is one of the simplest tasks that you can do. You only need ten minutes to put it together. All that is needed is to attach the quiver and the riser to the stock. Then you can mount the scope, and you will be done. The procedure of assembling is also clearly written in the manual. All you need to do is follow the instructions keenly even if you are a beginner.
  • Safe to Use. The Barnett Recruit has quad limbs that have a great design for the ergonomically designed pistol grip. Additionally, the adjustable butt stock ensures that you adjust it to fit your body size.

Things to be Aware of

Users should note that if they need to use this crossbow they will need to invest a little bit of cash, as it is on the expensive side.

Bottom Line

The Barnett Recruit is perfect for all types of customers, especially for beginners. The package comes with a rope cocking device, arrow rest and basic arm guide among other things. It is also suitable for both right and left-handed individuals.