Bear Grylls fan goes ‘native’ in Scottish Park


Bear Grylls is a massive positive influence on a lot of people across the world. This Brit has inspired a lot of people to get outdoors and rejuvenated interest in survival skills. Occasionally though, one or two individuals get carried away with what it means to be a “survival expert”.

A fan of Bear Grylls was arrested and locked up after roaming around in a public park dressed in a wig, mask, latex gloves, and carrying a crossbow. He was found guilty for weapons and drugs. After being discovered by chance by a local sheriff, Jamie Wisbey was remanded for psychiatrics “reports” and sinister bag contents. The park is located in South Inch in Perth, Scotland.

On June 1, Oddball Wisbey was discovered hiding in the bushes of a local park trying to feed ducks as a result of not being able to sleep well.  Another Bear Grylls fan was found in Buckie using his fisherman survival skills in the local park at night.

While trying to hide the items in the bag, including the crossbow, Wisbey admitted his acting sneaky and sly throughout the process.  A great question was directed towards Wisbey from Fiscal Depute Gavin Letford. He asked if Bear Grylls recommended he wear a wig, a mask, and carries a crossbow around the park at night. Was there a hidden purpose all of these items were taken for your fishing boat endeavor?

As told to the jury, Wisbey was seen sneaking around hiding in the bushes in Perth by 39 year-old Josh McNeil, and 25 year-old Kirsty Edmonston.  Mr McNeil mentioned that the area Wisbey was hiding was described as a difficult place for potential “”victim” to escape him. Miss Edmonston said:

We went out to get air. We regularly have trouble sleeping. We saw a man. He was quite some distance away behind some bushes.

He was going in and out of the bushes. It was quite a strange thing to see at that time in the morning. He jumped out in front of us. He had something he was concealing in his pocket.

He said he was a fisherman and needed to go up north for a job. I just said it’s not right that you’re in the park at this time. He wasn’t making sense. He was very strange.

They followed Wisbey to a train station where he tried to hide a bag.  31-year-old PC David Cross mentioned that after police were called, they found a bizarre array of items after searching his bags.
The police officer stated that this bag contained a black wig, laptop, latex gloves, Dictaphone, two USB sticks, and a balaclava with mouth and eyepieces cut out and re-stitched to reduce pull.
June 1st of this year, Wisbey was found guilty for having a crossbow and arrows in the Perth Park and railway station.

Wisby was also found guilty for the possession of methadone and a locking saw blade.  Because of the contents in the bag, and the behaviour, Sheriff Foulis recommended a Wisby get a thorough psychiatric report. Wisby was remanded after sentencing was deferred.

In fear of a skin condition called scabies, the court moved away from Wisbey quickly in fear of being infected. The police have ordered a psychiatric file on Wisby due to his actions.