Carbon Express 20271 X-Force 350 Review

The Carbon Express X-Force is built for hunters who want exceptional results. It has been rated as one of the best equipment in the field. The crossbow does not only have speed and power, but it is also designated for all types of hunters. It has an optimal balance point that helps to deliver accuracy. The crossbow is manufactured using carbon-infused limbs, tunable synthetic strings, premium alloy cam sets, and CNC machined risers. Carbon Express is engineered to deliver the kill, the feel, and the power. Even for beginners it is the best equipment that one can use.

Carbon Express 20271 X-Force 350

Features of the Carbon Express 20271 X-Force 350

The Carbon Express 350 offers rugged dependability and is a package of deadly accuracy. It has an ergonomic profile for comfort and improved accuracy.

  • Picatinny Rail. The presence of the rail allows you to add more accessories onto the crossbow making it comfortable to use. You can customize the crossbow to your preferred shooting style. It has over five-inches of customizable fit.
  • Adjustable Forearm. You can adjust the forearm to suit your preferences. This feature makes the crossbow fit for any person that wants to use it. Adjusting it also creates comfort and improves the efficiency of the cross bow.
  • Cast Aluminum Riser. Aluminum is one of the most durable metals and this is the material that is used to make the riser which means that the riser itself is durable. It is also important for security and dependable limb attachment.
  • Trigger Box Safety System. The trigger system provides the constant and smooth performance of the crossbow. It also ensures that safety is maintained when using the crossbow at all times.

Advantages of the Carbon Express 20271 X-Force 350

  • Withstanding Climatic Conditions. The Carbon Express 350 is shockproof, waterproof and fog proof. You can use it in any climatic condition at any time. It is manufactured with systems that ensure that it is protected during any type of weather if you want to be outdoors even in the elements.
  • Lightweight. This crossbow is light and durable because it is made of aluminum. Hunters can go for long distance hunting without being bogged down with a heavy cross bow. While in the field, they can maneuver quickly because of the lightweight design of the bow.
  • Accurate. The combination of different features makes the Carbon Express 20271 X-Force 350 Crossbow extremely accurate. It has a speed of 300 feet per second and delivers a lot of power that makes it accurate and deadly.
  • Durable. The different parts of the crossbow are made with materials that make it durable. For instance, the riser is rubber-coated which makes the crossbow last long. It is quality because it is made of aluminum.
  • Design. The Carbon Express 350 is designed to give an outstanding performance. For instance, it has a kinetic energy of 165 Ibs and a draw weight of 12’’ power stroke.

Things to be Aware of

Users should note that the crossbow does not have a perfect scoop.

Bottom Line

In addition to the above, we also like that the  350 also includes a rope cocker, rail lubricant, two practice points quick detach quiver and 3 Pile Driver bolts.