Crossbow World Championships 2015 Highlights


On July 2015, in Fort Lauderdale Florida, the 7th Crossbow World Championships were held. The USA also held this in conjunction with the famous international version, the Crossbow Festival. All sorts of events took place including, Bench/Prone stance, Matchplay, targets, forest field, 3D sectioned ICF events, and a money shoot held indoors.

The medal count for the first five countries are as follows:

  1. India     9 Gold 8 Silver 3 Bronze
  2. Sweden 9 Gold 3 Silver 2 Bronze
  3. Estonia 7 Gold 3 Silver 5 Bronze
  4. USA      4 Gold 9 Silver 5 Bronze
  5. UK        4 Gold 3 Silver 0 Bronze

The American women did really well by getting gold (Carol Pelosi), silver and bronze in the open female target and Eileen Pylypchuk got Gold for Senior female target. Michelle O’Donnell got a gold in the Ten point world target championships and we also got a bronze in this event as well. Pat Copley also got gold in the senior section of the ten point event as well. This was definitely the year for women.

Let’s hope these encouraging wins introduce more women the sport. It would be great to see crossbow competitors in the Olympics. To see the full list at world crossbow click here.

Silver medal for first timer Kazuki Imamura

The WCSA silver medal was won by a sophomore named Kazuki Imamura from Tokai University, Japan. She won this medal at this Crossbow World championship under the Forest Division games.

Imamura joined the Rifle Club in April of last year and discovered crossbow. Imamura stated that she wanted to participate in a post that was crystal clear whether she won or lost. She stated that she initially had a hard time drawing and maintaining form with the bow because it took so much strength.

In order to build proper strength and form, Imamura practiced at least three times per week. A former schoolteacher instructed her, whose focus was on marine science and technologies. The instructors name was Tomoo Umehara. Her instructor remembers her well and noticed that she was built for crossbow. Her instructor mentioned she was very strict in her training and form, and that is what made her the expert she is today!

The final debut was the crossbow championship. This Forest Division required her and other participants to complete two rounds consisting of 12 courses all taking place in the forest. The targets were images of animals. The point keeping varied on the distance of the target. Imamura states that it was difficult to be attentive to the game after walking 3 hours throughout the hot forest. Practice was made perfect, even in the toughest of environments; this is what she had trained so long for.

Imamura has proclaimed that she is more than thankful for a great instructor, and she would not have been able to do it without him! The next championship she will be attending is in Japan. It was in September, in Gunma, at the training centre held at the Tokai University.