Crossbows in Popular Culture

The crude and elegant crossbow was invented in the sixth century by the Chinese and found to be an extremely efficient tool. The crossbow was able to shoot arrows as efficiently, and within range in most cases more then the traditional bow and arrow. Deemed as the GarageBand of warfare, the crossbow made shooting an arrow in to a piece of meat extremely easy.

Archers traditional bow and arrows were among the highest used weapons prior to the crossbow. These original warriors were not only soldiers… they were artists. Archery proficiency took incredible amounts of skill and precise training. Crossbow archers came into the picture and were seen as graffiti artists tagging their original art.

Use primarily for hunting and sports, the crossbow are enjoyed by enthusiastic fan base all over the world. These have made there way into shows such as the Walking Dead and others. Here at Bow Advice, we decided to show how popular it has become.

Highlighted below are just a few films, television shows and video games from popular culture that have featured crossbows in some way.


The 7th Voyage of Sinbad

Directed by Nathan H Juran. This classic film came out in 1958. In the climax of the screenplay, Sinbad kills a dragon with a giant crossbow.

Star Wars

Yes Star Wars! When it came out in 1977 Chewbacca sports a traditional weapon crafted in Kashyyyk called a Bowcaster,. They’re known for being more powerful and more accurate than traditional blasters.

Mad Max


Mad Max encountered “Wez” in The Road Warrior prior to embarking on a furious road. He sported a wrist-worn mini crossbow!



Before the legendary geek/director brought the Avengers to the big screen and did an awesome job of it, he created the much loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Even though she sported many weapons, would often use a crossbow at times.

Zelda – You legend!

In 2007 the Nintendo Wii promoted incredibly fun crossbow training. They allowed you to train as the famous Link from the Zelda series. It was used to promote the zapper gun and was well recieved at the time.


The Walking Dead


In 2010 zombies went mainstream thanks to the television show the walking dead. Originally a comic book by Robert Kirkman, the show was brought to life by the director of Shawshank Redemption Frank Darabont. Kirkman is also heavily involved in the T.V show which may be why it has maintained some of the darker aspects of the comic book.

One of the most iconic characters of the show is Daryl who has somehow managed to survive a long time. This might be because his weapon of choice is a crossbow. Daryl has become a fan favourite and the reason most come back to watch the series on AMC’s Sunday night zombie drama.

Game of Thrones

In the most current Game Of Throne series, Ramsay Bolton has become the newly hated villain. Prior to this new villain, fans were forced to endure the widely hated “King Joffrey” of Baratheon. Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, First of his name, the realms Protector, Kind of the Andals, Crossbow Fetishist, and a spiteful annoying jackass.


All know too well Jofferey’s unforgivable deeds. After executing Ned Start, he set off to war, murdered prostitutes for fun, continuously disrespects his uncle Tyrion, abused Sansa Stark repeatedly, and was basically the most hated by all the kingdoms.

Game of War!

As all Fans know, the new Game Of War: Fire Age commercial hosts Mariah Carey.

While appearing in classy armour, she marches and moves to the trailer music, ironically her song “Hero”. Prior to charging the battlefield, she shoots a dragon from the sky with a crossbow before saying “Time to be heroes, guys”. Carey replaced the original model Kate Upton for the popular games ads.